2018 Events

  • 5.12.18   McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine, Krakow, Poland

  • 4.27.18   Governor’s Institute on Substance Abuse Meeting, Asheville, NC

  • 4.19.18   40th Annual Governor’s Conference on Substance Abuse, Des Moines, IA

  • 3.26.18   SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

  • 3.14.18   Town of Belmont FREE EVENT, Belmont, MA

  • 3.10.18   Wisconsin Psychiatric Association Spring Meeting, Madison, WI

  • 2.14.18–2.15.18   National Psychopharmacology Update, Nevada Psychiatric Association, Madison, WI

2017 Events

  • 5.23.17   American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

  • 4.13.17   Coverys Insurance National Webinar

  • 3.31.17   Current Psychiatry, Psychiatry Update 2017, Chicago, IL

  • 2.16.17   Grand Rounds, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada

2016 Events

  • 12.7.16   Hematology-Oncology Grand Rounds, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

  • 11.9.16   Rheumatology Grand Rounds, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY

  • 9.26.16   Alcohol, Marijuana, Opioids and Your Health, Free Community Event, Sharon, MA

  • 9.23.16   Marijuana and the Chronic Pain Patient, Central Oregon Health Council, Bend, OR

  • 9.16.16   Therapeutic Cannabis in Clinical Care, New Hampshire Medical Society, Bedford, NH

  • 5.14.16–5.18.16   American Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

  • 5.6.16  McLean Hospital Addictions in 2016, Cambridge, MA

  • 4.27.16  Free Community Event, Shrewsbury, MA

  • 4.11.16  Free Community Event, Danvers, MA

  • 3.17.16  Grand Rounds, New Hampshire Hospital, Concord, NH

  • 3.14.16  DeVos Medical Ethics Colloquy, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI

  • 3.13.16  Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH

  • 3.9.16  Duxbury FACTS, Free Community Event, Duxbury, MA

  • 3.4.16  Brookline Mental Health Center, Brookline, MA

  • 2.27.16  Keynote, Tufts Controlled Substances Conference, Boston, MA

  • 2.4.16–2.5.16  Keynote, Hawaii College of Pharmacy 2016 Psychopharmacology Conference, Honolulu, HI

  • 1.12.16  Boston Oncological Nursing Society, Boston, MA

2015 Events

  • 11.18.15  Massachusetts Society of Otolaryngology, Waltham, MA

  • 11.17.15  Concord-Carlisle Youth Services, Concord, MA

  • 11.12.15  BAMSI Annual Conference, Taunton, MA

  • 11.4.15  Symposium on Pain Management and Medical Marijuana, Honolulu, HI

  • 10.29.15  Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse, Reading, MA

  • 10.24.15  Skidmore College Science Summit, Saratoga Springs, NY

  • 10.10.15  South Dakota Psychiatric Association Fall Meeting, Custer, SD

  • 10.7.15–10.8.15  American Psychiatric Association Institute on Psychiatric Services, New York, NY

  • 10.7.15  Leir Retreat Center, Ridgefield, CT

  • 10.3.15  National Football League Treating Clinicians Conference, Atlanta, GA

  • 9.21.15  Cape Cod Community College, West Barnstable, MA

  • 7.31.15–8.1.15  Robb Report Health and Wellness Summit, Park City UT

  • 6.27.15  Free Book Event, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

  • 6.24.15  The Unbiased Truth about Marijuana, Carver, MA

  • 6.18.15  Free Webinar, ATTC Network

  • 6.17.15  Connecticut Psychiatric Society, New Haven, CT

  • 6.5.15  Medical Marijuana: What a Physician Needs to Know, Grand Rounds, Lankenau Hospital, Wynnewood, PA

  • 6.3.15  Free Book Event, New England Mobile Book Fair, Newton, MA

  • 5.16.15  Medical Marijuana: What a Physician Needs to Know, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Presidential Symposium, Toronto, ON

  • 5.2.15  Trident Bookstore and Café, Boston, MA

  • 5.7.15  Medical Marijuana: What a Clinician Needs to Know, Cambridge Health Alliance Behavioral Medicine Seminar, Cambridge, MA

  • 5.6.15  Marijuana in 2015: State of the Science, Policy, and Treatment, New Hampshire Psychiatric Society

  • 5.5.15  Marijuana in 2015: State of the Science, Policy, and Treatment, Harvard Vanguard Department of Psychiatry Spring Meeting, Cambridge, MA

  • 5.3.15  The Many Faces of Addiction, Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA

  • 4.29.15  The Unbiased Truth About Marijuana, Alcohol, and Opioids, Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Coalition, Brighton, MA

  • 4.28.15  The Unbiased Truth About Marijuana, Lexington High School, Lexington, MA

  • 4.27.15  The Unbiased Truth About Marijuana, Newton North HS, Newton, MA

  • 4.16.15  Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, Cambridge, MA

  • 4.14.15  The Unbiased Truth: Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Health, Stoughton, MA

  • 4.13.15  Tufts University

  • 4.1.15  Marijuana in 2015: State of the Science and Policy, Keynote Address, 38th Annual Iowa Governor’s Substance Abuse Conference, Des Moines, Iowa

  • 4.1.15  Marijuana Addiction: Assessment and Treatment, 38th Annual Iowa Governor’s Substance Abuse Conference, Des Moines, Iowa

  • 3.25.15  Medical Marijuana: What a Clinician Needs to Know, Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, North Shore Medical Center, Salem, MA

  • 3.23.15  Opioids, Heroin, and Marijuana: How to Tell if Someone Is Addicted and What to Do about It, Faces of Addiction, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, Franklin, MA

  • 3.19.15  Meet Our Master Clinicians: Medical Marijuana, Harvard Primary Care Internal Medicine 2015, Boston, MA

  • 3.17.15  Hallway Health: Marijuana, Belmont High School, Belmont, MA

  • 3.12.15  The Unbiased Truth: Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Health, 6th Annual Needham Community Forum on Substance Abuse, Needham, MA

  • 3.11.15  Opioids and Heroin: How to Tell if Someone is Addicted and What to Do About It, Secure XVII: Ending Opiate Abuse in our Communities, Middlesex Partnership for Youth Conference, Westford, MA

  • 3.9.15  The Unbiased Truth: Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Health, Dover-Sherborn Regional High School, Sherborn, MA

  • 3.4.15  Medical Marijuana: What a Clinician Needs to Know, Palliative Care Grand Rounds, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA


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